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Below is a list of questions commonly asked by our customers. If you have any query which is not listed below, please give us a call and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

How do I choose a car transport company?

When selecting a company to transport your vehicle with it is paramount that you take into consideration the following factors: the security of your vehicle, the strength of company, the shipping lines the company uses, the transit time, the companies agents in the respective recipient countries, and the rates.

We are pleased to say that we have gated access, all vehicles entering and exiting our warehouse are documented, and the vessels we use sail frequently at a quick transit time. Furthermore, all of our agents in the various respective countries we transport to are trusted, well-established and professional organisations.

How much it will cost to transport my vehicle?

It depends on where the vehicle is going and its size. Our rates are normally valid for a period of one month and are subject to change thereafter.

What documentation is needed in order to transport my car?

Irrespective of the type of vehicle or where it is going, a V5 (log book) and a commercial/sales invoice is required. For Sri Lanka, and certain parts of Pakistan and Africa, a BV (Bureau Veritas) inspection report is also necessary.

What method of payments do we accept?

We accept Credit Card, Debit Card, Cheque, Bank Transfer and Cash as methods of payment.

When do I make my payment?

We are relatively flexible when it comes to making a payment, and give customers up until the vehicle has left the port to make payment.

Is my vehicle insured while in the company's possession?

Yes it is. Once the vehicle is loaded onto the vessel, however, if you need marine insurance we can provide it upon request.

How far in advance do you need me to make my transport booking?

As soon as you have the vehicle and the relevant documents in your possession, it is advisable that you arrange the booking. Please be aware that the transportation of your vehicle is subject to vessel availability.

Can I put my personal belongings in the vehicle?

Under no circumstances can personal belongings remain in the vehicle.

How do I prepare my vehicle before collecting my vehicle?

For us to collect your vehicle, it must be road worthy, driveable and have enough fuel in it for us to be able to drive back to our warehouse.

What is a multi-car transporter?

It is a transporter that we can load more than one vehicle onto. The maximum number of vehicles that can be loaded is approximately nine, but it is of course contingent upon the size and height of each vehicle. Please note that we cannot load lorries onto our transporters due to height restrictions.

What is a trade plater?

Trade plates allow the company to collect and bring back to our depot, vehicles that are without insurance and/or M.O.T.


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